Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quick Sketch for my PSA

This is just a quick sketch of what I was thinking about doing for my PSA project.  Comments and suggestions welcome..and yes I will make sure the car looks better than that one! :)
This is a car I found on Wrecked Exotics thought it would make a great "statement" for this PSA
Most of the rest of the images, the text that is, I am planning on doing freehand, using the picture on top as a guide for the lettering, and I'm planning on adding a cool line twist to it.  That way it looks like it was handwritten...which of course it was!! :0)

I also found a picture by doing a google search to use as a background, it is just a road, and I used photoshop to turn it into a hand drawn look, that way the car has a good contrast.