Monday, June 24, 2013

When in doubt add bacon...

Roasted garlic is delicious...and bacon roasted garlic sounds even better!

There are two ways to roast garlic, in the skins cutting the top of the garlic bulb off, or by peeling each clove of garlic...Either way you decide to go, it's gonna be yummy!  I set my oven at 375

I wanted to maximize my garlic output so I peeled three bulbs of garlic

I then grabbed my jar of bacon renderings from the bacon jam and heated up a few scoops so it would liquefy

I lined a pan with foil, put the garlic in the bottom and then poured the bacon renderings over the cloves. sprinkling with Durango smoked sea salt from Spice Agent (tell them I sent ya) and some black pepper.

Seal the foil packet and pop in the oven

40 minutes later


I'm going to stick these beautiful gems in a jar, in the fridge...and will use them later this week when I make my bacon garlic and mushroom pasta dish...stay tuned!