Monday, June 10, 2013

Someone to do my bidding

Time for a new project!  A happy hooker is never happy only working on one project at a time.  So here is my next project

Can't guess?  Well I'm making a Minion.  Despicable Me 2 will be in theaters July 3rd, and this little guy (maybe more) will be attending!!
This is the minion Stephanie, the creator, made.  It is NOT mine!
It all started May 20th, I finally found the just right shade of blue yarn for the overalls, so I finally gathered everything I would need, and dove right in!  I will say, the creator of this pattern (click here) did warn that this was not for beginners, but when do I ever listen?

It took me FOUR tries, FOUR!  Just to get the body started...

But on the fourth attempt it finally worked!  And over the next three days worked on the tube.

May 23rd:
Finally got to the point of adding the hair, while watching Despicable Me of course!

I chose to do a minion with a single spike of hair, after I got all the hairs in that I wanted I wove the tail of the top of the head around, and glued everything in place

This has been an easy project to pack around, especially because I love large purses, I always knew there was a reason I carried bags others referred to as luggage...

May 25th-28th:
I got the head stuffed, and finished!  Well the basic part of the head/body

Just in time for a road trip! Thankfully my husband does almost all of the driving so I could sit and start on the pants!

We went camping for Memorial Weekend, so I had my bag all loaded up and had time to work on this project while enjoying conversation, a campfire and a very energetic niece who wanted to help, but was satisfied with me showing her how to do a simple stitch.  I may have to change my plans on making two and make three because I think she wants one too...

I have a water proof type bag that is perfect for carting a project to a campsite
May 28:
After a fun weekend away from home (and my bag of stuffing and detail material) I spent part of the evening making the arms, and putting on the features.

This means I am that much closer to completing this fun project. I just need to add the legs and goggles and I can hand this little guy off to his new owner!!!

I did spend some time creating my own sew in fabric labels.

This way I can put one on each of my projects!

May 30th:
I am finally finished!!!! Ten days, from start to finish!  Not bad for a beginner!  There were times I wasn't sure I was doing a step correctly, and I really am going to miss this guy...but here he is.!
The lesson here is, just because it says not for beginners doesn't mean a beginner can't do a project.  I hope his new owner enjoys him as much as I enjoyed making him!