Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My CADD strikes again!

Image of Ripple Baby Throw
© Lion Brand Yarn
I am a day or so away from completing my second Ami-gurumi project (post on first Ami-gurumi to follow soon), and here I am starting a baby afghan for my new niece, she is due in October.  I chose what I thought was a simple baby ripple pattern.  (click here, or on the picture)

It really is simple, and once you get the pattern down it goes quickly.  The part that I found to be super hard is the foundation row...after you make the ump-teen chains...I also used a different yarn that what is called for in the pattern.  I used Baby Bee Little Britches, in the colorway Charming.  I highly recommend using a site like Ravelry to "stash" your yarn collection, and to keep record of the projects you want to do, and the projects you have in progress.  Great for any yarn project!

I started with my 131 chain stitches

Then had to kick my dog off of my directions

And then spent considerable time growling, grumbling and crying trying to get my 2nd row done, after a while I got the hang of it, and it came out right!!!  No need to undo most of the row to start over, or heaven forbid the entire thing and re-chain to start over! And they say that crochet and knitting is supposed to be calming!  Well it is, once you get past the first row.

The blanket should crochet up quickly after this point...unless I get distracted by another project that is!