Saturday, November 26, 2011

Another day of good food and good company.

So often we take for granted the simple things in life afforded to us by grocery stores. We never think about how easy it is to just walk in and buy pre-prepared food stuffs that we take home and heat up, or otherwise cook. 

Egg noodles and other pasta is considered an essential in my house.  And there is nothing better than leftover turkey and noodles. So, today I made egg noodles. 

Well I started to...after mixing by hand, then kneading for 10 minutes, you get to rest for 10 minutes, well I rested while the dough did whatever it did. Rolling out the first part took 10 minutes, so I turned the task over to my dad, who had the remaining three parts done in 10 minutes.

This is why I need the pasta attachment for my stand mixer...


While the noodles were drying my mom and I made an Apple Pie, I did the crust, she cut the apples. 

Soon it was time to start the broth and veggies for the soup. 

Finally it was time to eat, and again we overstuffed ourselves on food. 

Time to unbutton our pants and enjoy a movie while we digest!