Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's all about the Bacon

For a meat eater, you know that any recipe that starts with Bacon is going to be good.  Many of my friends think I have a problem with bacon.  This is simply untrue!  I love Bacon, it is the candy of meats and has been proven to go with sweet and savory dishes.  Maybe this is why they think I have a problem...I also have a "small" obsession with spices, I have a whole cabinet and a half of spices, and my prize spices are in little glass jars that sit in a line above my range.

Anyway tonight while prepping all of the wonderful side dishes I am in charge of tomorrow I realize that at some point I DO need to eat.  There are a few things I consider "staples" in my fridge/cabinets: Bacon, butter, onion, shrimp (this is in the freezer of course) and mushrooms. Tonight I am out of mushrooms (sad face). But I do have leftover red onion from my salad prep so my plan is pan seared bacon shrimp.  I'm not the best at estimating amounts, I usually just add to taste.  I did use two slices of bacon chopped, and added that to the onion in a pan, and a small pat of butter.  Once that was almost done I added minced garlic.  The shrimp goes on top of that for 2 minutes then flip each shrimp.  The spices I  used were Extra Bold Smoked Sea Salt, Cajun seasoning and Blackened Seasoning.  Cook 3-4 more minutes until shrimp is pink all the way through!