Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hot Salted Caramel White Russian

I live in Missouri, and tonight like most nights this time of year is quite chilly.  I ran out of dark chocolate squares last week so I was considering all of my options for a warm adult beverage and came up with the idea to make a steamer of sorts.  You remember the steamed flavored milk that you can get from QT, but nothing powdered in my kitchen!

To start I added some whipping cream (yeah) and some milk, and some White Chocolate Caramel creamer and set it on medium heat so it wouldn't scald.  In my mug I put Vanilla Espresso Vodka, and Vanilla Kahlua.  When the milk combo started to heat up I tossed in a dash of white Mexican vanilla and some vanilla sea salt.  I stuck my immersion blender into the pot on low and let it foam until the perfect temperature.  To finish simply pour over the alcohol in the mug and stir slightly!  Make sure the milk isn't overly hot, you don't want to cook out the alcohol.