Thursday, July 21, 2016

Oh cloth diapers...

When we I decided to use cloth diapers there were a lot of naysayers.  It's gonna cost us in water/detergent/time etc.  Well yeah stuffing pockets is a time suck, as is the actual laundering of said fluff.  But after a few months in cloth I noticed that our water bill has only gone up  an average of $4 for a month.

I use 7 ounces of detergent and 2 oz of borax for a load of cloth, both cycles, the first cycle is a pre-wash for diapers only and the second cycle includes all of her dirty clothes...and I do a load every other day, or 15 loads a month.

So lets do a breakdown sposies vs fluff.

So for my $500-ish investment for the diapers and a running cost of approximately $21 a month for cleaning...I'd say it's definitely worth it!  Especially when I can re-sell the diapers after Baby Fish is potty trained.  Can't do that with sposies!

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