Friday, April 8, 2016

Week Estimated Due Date!

They say good things come to those who wait.  I'm still waiting!!!  Guppy has yet to make an appearance, but that is completely normal for a first time mom!!  By now Baby Fish is between 6-9 lbs, and is between 19-22 inches long.  Half of all pregnancies go past the 40 week mark.

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My doctor has already said that if I make it to my next appointment they will see what they can do to naturally stimulate labor, which means stripping my membranes. Aught to be fun....yes this is sarcastic...It's not necessarily the most comfortable thing in the world from what I have been told.  But it may be necessary to move things along without resorting to medications that would prevent me from having the natural birth I would prefer.  So a little intervention is better than a lot of intervention.

Here is my bump pic for the week!!!

I have had some false labor the last few days, some contractions but nothing I can't laugh, or talk through. So my body is making progress prepping me for the real deal sometime in the future! Don't worry I will post when she is here!  But not when I've gone into labor... ;)