Friday, March 11, 2016

Week 36! 9 months...

Well I can no longer fly on an airplane...which is quite alright with me.  We are also not planning any trips far away.  Baby Fish was still head down as of yesterday, and may be engaged at this point, and once that happens there is no turning for her!  Movements will be less because she is waaaay out of room.  Average babies are right around 6 lbs now, and she would be considered pre-term if she were to be born now.

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Here's my bump this week!

I have been doing a lot of prepping in and around the house to get ready for my little one!

One of the major things on my list was installing and having the car seat checked.  You can go online to and enter your zip code for places that are close to you.  In my awesome town there is an individual that has been trained in the installation and checking of car seats at the Fire Department.  His name is Byron Watkins (I asked him if it was ok that I blog about him).  He did a wonderful job of not only checking to make sure everything was installed correctly he also showed me how to adjust the straps of the seat, gave me information on the best way to buckle my little Guppy in, and told me that once I get home to put her car seat in the house.  Just in case my car is involved in an accident it is easier, and cheaper to replace the base rather than the whole car seat.   Something I didn't think about!

The grapevine list is also something I didn't think about until recently as there are some people who (gasp) don't read my blog, or who aren't on Facebook or Instagram!  Of course I have started changing my settings on my social media accounts to protect my little one once she is here.  After discussion with the hubbs we will be posting an announcement when she is here, or sending out the grapevine email.  We will also send out messages to people once we are settled and are ready to have visitors, which as mentioned in my last blog post about my little monkey will depend on how we are doing as a family, and how I'm doing in my recovery, which is going to be around 2 weeks, or maybe more.