Saturday, May 10, 2014

Rain is a good thing!

What a busy day!  Went to the square downtown where there was a car show for Larson's Cruise.  A lot of awesome cars, a silent auction and friends every time I turned around!  After the show wrapped I headed home to change and wait for my parents to come over and get me so we could go get dirt.  It took two loads, but we got the garden full!

On our way to get the second load it started sprinkling so I knew the weather was headed this way!  And we do need the rain, and it was a race against the weather to get the dirt in, and the plants in the dirt.

Well we were able to get the grapes in the ground before the sky opened up. And while it was pouring down outside, I was chilling on the couch sipping on my lemon, cucumber and mint infused water...yummo!  Once the rain passed I was able to play in the mud and get my started plants in the ground, and two small rows of corn planted.

I plan on waiting until the ground drys up a bit before I plant the lettuce, and the carrots...but I have a lot of plants in, and I am just waiting and watching everything grow! So bring on the rain tonight (but no hail please)!