Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Garden DONE!

The gardens are done, well at least the front garden beds are done!  And by done, they have dirt, and have plants in them.

We still need to get the river pebbles for the ground cover.  I think we decided that that would be best for the cat issue.

but before we get the pebbles we have a whole other garden to fill with dirt.  Yes we have finally completed the raised garden bed in the back yard for the vegetables/edibles!!

And of course by WE I mean my DH dug out and built the garden. The dogs kept watch, as did I.   We compromised on the material, and the garden is built out of cedar, which yeah isn't cheap, but it's all natural, and doesn't have chemicals in it like some landscaping materials do.  I think it looks a bit better than rock, although I do think eventually I will create a small flower garden and bench space, maybe an arbor so I can have some climbing vines, like clematis, or wisteria, in the square in front of the 'L', or even a small water feature!  The sky is the limit!

Well...the budget is the limit, but it can wait till next year...

I did have two grape vines, Concord and Pink Catawba, that I purchased from a big box store, the same time that I purchased the Flowering Plum tree we put in the front yard.  Wouldn't you know...they never budded out, or grew, they were dead when I purchased those got returned today, and because they didn't have any live grape vines at that store, and I really wasn't keen on spending another $25 on vines or plants at that store I came back to Smithville and went to Pack's Hardware.  Man oh MAN do they have a fabulous selection of annuals, perennials and edibles! And their plant gal Terry is phenomenal!  I hope you have a place just as good in your neck of the woods as I do in mine...I ended up getting another Catawba vine, and of course they were out of the Concord, they are such popular vines because the fruit is delicious!  I decided to try a "King of the North Grape" I will do another post later all about the grapes...

I did also decide to purchase some vegetable plants, so I chose two types of beans, and a tomato plant.  I will probably end up with several types of tomatoes, and possibly some other vegetables, but this is a good start for my first garden!

Happy Spring and Happy Gardening!