Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mini me

In two short days I will be part of an annual Women's Tea.  I am hostessing my own table, and in charge of making cake.  I first thought, oooh cupcakes!!!  Then after getting on Pinterest and seeing the smorgasbord of ideas for having a tea party, ooooh petit fours!!!! So I attempted to make them...

After that long day and the unsatisfying results I decided it was the best and smartest idea to go BACK to mini-cupcakes. So I bought two box mixes. Tee hee!  For both mixes I substituted butter for the oil, and for the white cake I used half heavy cream and half 2% milk for the water.  for the lemon I used the juice of one lemon, and Sprite for the water.  I also zested the whole lemon and threw that into the batter too!

I think they turned out quite nice!

I am lucky enough to have two star tips for frosting.

The frosting part went faster than the baking part, thanks in large part to my mom!

Can't wait to dig into these tomorrow!

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