Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Everyone loves chicken...right?

Hello my followers!

Tonight's fare is Garlic Chicken and my Cast Iron Rolls.

The chicken like most of my recipes of late was found on pinterest.  So this will be the first time I'm making it...

The rolls have been thawing and rising for almost 4 hours...and filling my kitchen and house with the yummy yeasty smell!

Helps that I've had my windows open for the last 6 hours!  YEAH for a warm day in March!  Tonight I'm going to do garlic parmesan rolls, which is the joy of this recipe, you can change up the topping for whatever flavor you want!  Just brush the tops before you bake, then again (just the butter or olive oil) after you bake and chow down!

But first things first, the chicken.  This is an easy 4 ingredient recipe, found in full on food.com is super simple, and you really can't go wrong with garlic and brown sugar!

Saute the garlic and oil, then throw in the brown sugar and mix

Cover the chicken in the mixture and bake for 15-30 minutes (depending on the thickness of your chicken) at 500.

After the chicken is done, reduce the temp and throw in the rolls.

Don't forget a veggie on the side!