Monday, November 8, 2010

Vikings rule!

 So the zine topic I have decided on is "how to play Kubb" pronounced koob. 

 Here are a few pictures I have happened upon that may be of use.  Of course a picture or diagram of the playing field is necessary...maybe more of a rough sketch for the actual zine, depending on how it is coming together, and a picture or other diagram of the pieces, and numbers needed... the basic rules are a must.  This game is widely open for interpretation for the skill level of the player, or intoxication level...however you want to look at it!  Yes this is a game that in the rules states that it should not be easy and if games end too soon it is because the players are not taking advantage of the downtime between turns to drink beer.  Layout will be playful and loose as is the game itself!  So here it goes....