Monday, November 8, 2010

Final project for the SEMESTER!!!! Yeahz!

Well it is that time of the semester where we get final assignments for each class (or hopefully we do) and we start thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks...In Graphic design our final assignment is to create our own Zine, a "How to..." Zine.  We get to choose the topic, and we will design it, and publish two copies, one to keep for our portfolio and one for the instructor to keep. 

For this assignment we will be using InDesign, another adventure for me!  And another fun part, we cannot print in color, if we want color in the finished piece we have to add it after the printing is done, so break out the markers, colored pencils and paint!

I am having a more difficult time this go around coming up with a fun and quirky topic for this assignment, although I think I have it narrowed down to "How to cope when your favorite TV show ends" and "How to watch or enjoy a NASCAR race."  Anyone want to weigh in and give me a suggestion or vote for one of the topics above?

Until later!