Monday, November 8, 2010

Crossing the finish line!

Use of the toothpicks was successful!  And the bench is now done!!!

I will have to say that I never thought it would take so long to get to the end, but I am very pleased with the results! And I believe that I will continue to refurbish pieces to suit my space. 

Back in September when we got this assignment, we were given two choices, re-furbish a piece we chose, or use that piece to make something new.  Although I chose to clean up and refinish my piece, I also did something new.  I did get to learn a lot about working with wood, and furniture making.  As with everything I'm sure there are things I would have done differently, and it's possible that I still make a few changes, just not right away.  Although next on my list is the white chair seen in the finished is now out of place in my living bring on the sewing machine, sand paper, and the other paraphernalia needed to turn this found object (yes i found it in the basement, it was left by the previous owners and we never threw it out) into a piece to be proud of!