Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Certified Completely Unofficial end to the semester.

As the semester draws to an end, (two more days this week, and then finals) I look back over all I have learned this semester, not only in Graphic design, but in all of my classes in my maiden semester at UCMO.  How far we have all come, as friends, and in what we have learned.  It does seem like just yesterday, to use that old idiom, that I was starting this blog, unsure what to write, or what to even say.  Sixteen some-odd weeks and several sarcastic posts later, I have emerged a better designer for what I have learned in Graphic design.  Who would have thought that I would fall in love with a MAC computer (yes you can laugh at me now, who would have thought) but I have learned to appreciate the new programs that I have learned to use!   Of course as in live, learning is a never ending process, so I will make an effort to continue to use and learn more about the programs I "found" this semester.

As for my final project in Graphic Design, my zine, I am quite pleased at how it is coming together.  There are just a few more touches needed to make it complete, and then I can turn it in!

With the end in sight, it is time to post, and then change the name of this blog, but not by much!  I will continue to post projects (although from now on it will probably be interior design projects) and insight into my "world."

As it was, and still is, best said...Onward, forever onward!