Friday, October 16, 2015

Week 15!

My next appointment is scheduled later this week.  During that appointment, or just after we will be scheduling the big ultrasound where we will hopefully find out what we are having!!!  That is if Baby Fish will cooperate!  Some ultrasounds done this week might be able to determine the sex, but I have a feeling my Dr will want to wait till they can be sure.

This week we I found an awesome used glider, on a Facebook Swap, that goes perfectly in the nursery!  I don't need to do a thing to it! It was a fraction of the price of a new set, literally, these things go for $499 for just the glider, and tack on another $199 for the foot stool, this set only cost us $50 and the drive time to meet up and get it!

Right now Baby Fish is about 4 inches long, and I finally felt my little Guppy move this morning!!!

Photo from Pregnology

He is about the size of an apple at 2.5 ounces. And now is the time when some say you should start talking to the baby.  I know some or most of my friends and their kids won't have a problem doing that!!  As you can see by the pictures below...

My neighbor Bo asking, "Baby in there?" - Pictures by Ruth Hardin used with permission!