Friday, October 2, 2015

Official Start to the SECOND TRIMESTER!!! Otherwise known as week 13

Wow!  I made it!  What a milestone!  The chance of loss is now greatly reduced, 3% -ish, it varies due to my age..but I have faith!  I am definitely showing now, and elastic bands are my friend.  The heartbeat is strong, and easy to find now.  If you could see my little guppie is about 3 inches long and he would look something like this...

Almost all of my symptoms have disappeared, although now I get heartburn almost every night, and pickles are my friend.  I have started having more energy during the day, which is nice.  And I'm ready for bed very early in the evening, can't sleep past 8-8:30.  It will still be a few weeks yet before my wee-one is big enough for me to feel the first flutters, at least that is what the books say.  We shall see!