Friday, May 29, 2015

A hiking adventure

Ah spring, the grass is green, school is out and it's raining....still raining!!!  This month we area almost at 14.5 inches...for the MONTH!  At least it's not pouring today, just a drizzle.  And my kiddo wants to go walk the trails at the lake!  *eye roll* Of my "daycare" kids he is the most active, and I got mom's ok so why not...but first I started HIS blog.  We got it all set up, and he will blog about his activities every day.  I'm sneaky...he totally doesn't get that this is a "learning" thing.  Tee-hee.  Best yet he is so excited about what he wants to blog, and has been taking pictures etc.  I have one more blog to set up for my other summer kid then we can get to blogging!!!

We started out at the trail head, and it wasn't raining.

The side trails were closed tho, which made my kiddo sad, but made me very happy!!!

There was even a part of the paved trail that was closed because it was FLOODED!!!

Thankfully there are several side paths to take because we wanted to walk to Sailboat Cove which is almost three miles one way!

We saw a lot of wildlife, thankfully no snakes!

And my kiddo splashed through a LOT of puddles!

Eventually we made it to Sailboat Cove and stopped for a brief snack.

We also found a mulberry bush and I finally got my kiddo to try something I picked "in the wild" and he LOVED it!

Then we hurried back to the car because it REALLY started to rain!!!

My water pouch started leaking and dripped down my back, gotta take it back and get a different one....irritating!  But we made it back!  The trail markers said we went 2.7 miles each way, add .01 miles for the detour, we walked 5.6 miles.  My Misfit Shine recorded it as time I will use my AllTrails app to record it and see how far it said we went.

It was a lot of fun, and I would definitely do it again, rain or no rain!