Saturday, July 21, 2012

Oh the things to come!

My neighbor bought a dehydrator so we could make chicken treats for our dogs (it's being shipped and will be here next week hopefully).  They love them and store bought ones can be dangerous, and of course expensive!  Making dog jerky is simple; slice and dry.  They don't need the extra flavorings, nor should they really have the extra seasoning...

All this talk about making jerky for the dogs gets me craving it for myself.  Doesn't help that my DH has been getting some at work and talking about it.  I'm sure he would share it, except it is apparently very spicy, which is why he gets it by default.  I started researching jerky making, there is a LOT of information out there!  So far I have found the best cuts of meat for pork and beef for making jerky

Fresh Ham
Cushion meat

Top Butt Sirloin
Flap Meat
Flat Iron/Top Blade
Top Round
Flank Steak
Rump Roast

Approximately 4 pounds of meat will yield 1 pound of jerky.  There are also various marinade mixes you can go out and purchase to make jerky at home, but what fun is that?  I did find several variations of jerky marinade that I do want to try, although my end goal is to create my own mixture of flavors for some awesome jerky that I can truly call my own. 

So, stay tuned for some meaty goodness.  I plan on tackling beef, and pork jerky (bacon style) and maybe some other proteins.  And of course other delicious snacks made possible with a dehydrator!