Saturday, February 11, 2012

Easy Italian

Hello my readers! A lot has been doing on since I last started, my last semester, and I'm planning a wedding!!!  :0D

Tonight I am preparing a meal of stuffed manicotti, garlic rolls and Italian sausage!  I found the recipe for stuffed manicotti on Pinterest and had to try it.  I love stuffed pastas, but this one did not require boiling the noodles first, a MAJOR bonus for me!

The rolls were super easy!  I went to the store and purchased a 12 count frozen white roll dough...see easy!  Then I greased my cast iron pan with olive oil and placed the rolls in the pan...then you wait 3-5 hours...

I did change the manicotti recipe a bit...I threw all of the stuffing ingredients in the mixer instead of doing it by hand.  Saved me time, and energy.  The blog where I found this says to use a pastry piping bag (which I don't have but now want) or a gallon ziplock bag with a corner cut off.  The hole I originally cut in the bag was not big enough to squeeze the super thick mixture through, and I probably put too much in at once (like the whole batch).  So I re-cut the bag, and then the hole was too I stuffed each shell by hand...with my, time consuming and messy!  Next time I'm going to make sure I have a pastry piping time to throw them in the oven for 50 minutes!!!  Time to take a break until it's time to start the sausage and rolls.

I love garlic, it's become an addiction for me lately.  There are also health benefits to eating garlic.  I mixed butter with the juice from my jarred minced garlic...YUM!!!  Then brushed that on top of the rolls BEFORE baking (just follow the package directions for baking temp and time).  After they are done and nice and brown, brush them (or soak) them in garlic butter again!  Serve in the cast iron pan, it keeps them nice and warm!

Enjoy a wonderful dinner!