Monday, August 1, 2016

I want to eat everything

Wow, I thought I had a hearty appetite when I was pregnant!  Now 3 plus months into breastfeeding I want to eat all the time!!!  And facebook doesn't help matters any.  There are a ton of tasty videos floating around the interwebs with some awesome recipes...mostly this one:

Unlike some recipe sites this one does not have a printed recipe if you click on the video.  So I had to write it down, and it's an easy one!

I was going to start this when Baby Fish was happily playing, or asleep, but no such luck.  I got the marshmallows and butter melting then in a panic dumped 5 ish cups of cereal into a bowl...I panicked because I was wearing Baby Fish and she decided at that point to start fussing...she was very tired.   Trying to get this mixed without getting marshmallow all over the baby was an almost impossible feat..she only got a little fluff in her hair, and that is because I was trying to lick the spatula afterwords and she bumped it...tee hee...yes I licked it out of her hair.

Even though it was rushed, hence the lack of photos, It was fairly easy to throw together!