Sunday, June 8, 2014


What a week!  I've been more active on the Swap n Shops on facebook, got a great deal on some mini lanterns. And I got a deal on an unusual one at the Enchanted Frog (7950 Missouri 116) in Lathrop!
The red one is the one from Enchanted Frog,
the light one is another Facebook score
and I've had the black one for a while
Needs to be distressed, but i love it!

I also scored some barnwood boards.  The first one is destined to be paired with some rail spikes and will be a coat rack for my entry way, the rest I have plans to create some shelves for around the house.  There is so much character in them, it is AWESOME!

I also had the time to go visit the Red Barn Yarn Farm if you are ever in the area, and have time, I suggest going!  You can meet the alpacas and feed them!

If you are really lucky you might even be able to get a kiss from one! I did!!!

The yarn available is unbelievable, and is every yarn addicts dream!!!

More blogs to follow as I get going on my crochet, barnwood and other projects!!

Take time to be crafty!