Sunday, November 18, 2012

What happened to this year?

It's only been 2-1/2 months since I've gone to work, but it seems like it was only yesterday.  Blogging has taken a back seat because I just don't have the time it seems when you factor in 9-10 hour days, an hour in the gym, then heading home to shower, care for the puppies and throw a meal together.

To all the working moms out, I don't know how you do it, I'm super impressed!

Alas, don't dis-pare!  I will be blogging again soon, next week to be exact!! As it is Thanksgiving week...and as of Friday my parents have officially moved to the city to be closer to my DH and me!!!  So with their new house not ready to move into, and their rental having a tiny kitchen compared to my own...I will be hosting, and cooking Thanksgiving dinner here!!!  WOO!

This means I will be able to try out new recipes, use a lot of my Spice Agent spices, and really do this on my own for the first time EVER!  And what better way to document it than to blog about it over the next few days!  I have my schedule made out, and I'm ready to get a cooking!

Today: Grocery shopping...Thank goodness for shelf stable items...
A little bit of everything here...
Apples for pie and stuffing...

Cause our fridge is stuffed!

I don't know if we can fit anything else!

Monday: After work a fun 6:30am till 5pm), gather all pots/pans etc and make sure they are ready to go!  Get all the dishes done and make sure the kitchen is clean and ready to "destroy". Check on the Turkey to see how frozen it is still...

Tuesday: Start the brine, thankfully it is an early day for me at work (done at 330) and start the fresh cranberry sauce.

Wednesday: After work, make the apple pie, and remove the turkey from the brine to drain.

Thursday: 8am, start the stuffing, 11am put the turkey in the oven, after the turkey is cooking, prep the carrots, potatoes and Cauliflower.  Clean the kitchen then finish the Cranberry sauce!  This is also the time once the prep is done that we will be making home made crescent rolls, we as in my mom and I!!!.
Turkey should be done around 5:30 or so...leaving time to bake a batch of rolls so they are fresh and hot for dinner, as well as the cauliflower and carrots...Already I am thinking ahead to next year and HOPING I have two ovens...cause that would be a HUGE help, we can do it!

Friday: After emerging from a food coma, bake a Pecan Pie for Lunch Saturday.

Saturday: Dinner at the In-Laws!

Sunday: Lounge and snack on leftovers.

I just hope somewhere in there I can find time to go to the gym...get ready for this crazy week!