Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The things we do for...

Sauerkraut isn't my favorite food.  In fact I prefer to not eat it (yes I've tried it), or cook it, or be near it!  But my DH loves it. So today I am trying a new recipe, to see if there is a way.  I have realized that there is one brand of sauerkraut that isn't near as bad as the rest, the one in a jar, with the bird, that also sells pickles...

Today's meal also consists of polish sausage, brown sugar, onion and carrots.  But carrots don't last in my house because I eat them, so no carrots in my pictures. Click here for the recipe

As always prep the various components so it is easier to get cooking! I have wonderful color coded cutting mats so I don't cut raw meat and veggies on the same surface!  And they are flexible so I can dump the ingredients straight into the pot or pan!

I only used 4T of butter simply because I had 4T of butter in my fridge, no need to cut open another stick!

Mix then onion and potato with the butter and cook

Add the sausage and cook for 10 minutes over medium high heat

Drain the kraut and rinse before adding to the pan!

then add the brown sugar and salt and pepper

Allow to cook an additional 5 minutes then turn to a simmer until ready to serve!

This go-round with sauerkraut makes me ready to take a bite!  Smells delicious!!!

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