Monday, October 27, 2014

Furniture Facelift

A few months ago I found a counter height table set at a local flea market.  I got a decent deal for it.  There are a few small scratches on the top (which I will fix eventually) and the cushions on the chairs needed some help.  I'm not a huge fan of white or off white...not with a mechanic in the house.  So one day last week I was perusing the fabric department at Walmart and found a lovely upholstery fabric on clearance!  It was such a good deal I couldn't pass it up so I got enough to do my dinning chairs, and the folding chair set I also picked up at the flea market.

When you are recovering something as simple as a seat cushion you need a few tools.  Fabric and scissors, the correct screw driver if you are taking seats off a chair like I did, and a staple gun,

Take the cushion off the frame and set the frame aside, but be careful to not tip the screws out of their holes.

Lay the cushion on the square of fabric, with the print down.

Start on one side and put one staple in the center

Then carefully add three or four more on each side of the center staple.  Turning the corners is the most difficult part, just manipulate the fabric until you like the way they look then secure with several staples

Cut the excess fabric off.

Reattach to the chair base and you have updated your look quick and simple!