Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A feast that will make you "green" with envy

Every year on St. Patrick's day I try to make something "authentic" Sunday we had family over for "bangers and mash" and yesterday I made home made Reuben sandwitches.

They were delicious!  And as a side dish I decided to make fresh potato chips!

Making chips is super easy!  Especially if you have a mandolin, it will make it easier to get everything even and thin!

Once your potatoes are washed and sliced, rinse them off and prepare to soak them in cold water for AT LEAST a half hour.  I learned the hard way, do NOT skip this step!

Once they have soaked, take them out of the water and dry them off!  I found that putting them on a clean dish cloth is easiest, then blotting the top with paper towels.

Get a heavy pot and some good oil, I prefer peanut oil for frying.

The temperature needs to be around 300, you can also use a test chip.  They need to have a good sizzle.

Then once they are nice and browned to your taste take them out and let them cool and drain on a rack.

Salt and eat!  When they get room temp they will be crispy, but they taste great warm too!