Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tarry not, for the hook awaits thee.

You can never have too much yarn. Yarn is an addiction for me, it is my happy place, and gives me peace.  Seriously!  Now there are times that I growl in frustration at whatever project I'm working on...but for the most part, crocheting makes me smile.  So when I get the chance to feed my stash I do it with GUSTO!  This past weekend was once such chance.  I am not a fiber artist that can afford the really expensive yarns so when there is a sale, or coupons you can find me taking advantage of that!  I was shopping for an afghan request.  I got to choose the colors.

The pattern I will be using is a broomstick pattern, so I also got a dowel and had my DH sharpen one end to make it easier to draw up the loops and to crochet them off.

I also got a pom-pom making set because anyone that has ever made poms knows that they can be difficult and tricky.

And I didn't stop there!  There were a few more skeins that called to me.
I love blues
I see a teddy bear...

And I have started one project already!  A hat for me.

The pattern was a bit confusing as the stitches just don't look the same in the pictures compared to what mine looks like

And I have some custom buttons, designed by me, made by my dad! These go on the brim of my hat, well two of them will!

I hope I get this hat done soon, otherwise it will be too warm to wear it!